2018 Application

The 2018 Leadership Followship Application for Tanzania, August 2018, has closed

Applications are currently under review and applicants will be notified of their status by May 17.

Program Overview

Exchanging America’s signature Leadership Followship program will launch in Tanzania, East Africa, in early to mid-August 2018.  American Leaders will embark on a two-week leadership journey that challenges their notions of leadership and their understanding of global issues. Followships will be offered in three disciplines: Business, Civil Society, and Government.

​The Followship management structure entails a one to one pairing of an American Leader with a global Leadership Mentor in the Mentor’s community and context. The Mentor will host the American Leader in their home, workplace, and community throughout the duration of the Followship. In addition to Leadership Mentors, a local Site Manager will facilitate reflection sessions throughout the two weeks. The Followship creates an environment where American Leaders can reassess their approaches to challenges they experience in the U.S. through the experiences and lessons learned of an established global leader in their field.  Please note that your paired Leadership Mentor may not work in your exact profession or field of study, however, their leadership and professional capacities in your shared discipline will provide opportunities for knowledge transfer and contextualization to your American context.  American Leaders will also have the opportunity to customize their Followship experience through support from  Exchanging America staff and Leadership Mentors.


The Followship will feature the following components:

  • Job shadowing in your assigned Mentor’s place of work

  • Networking events with local leaders

  • Exposure to international approaches to challenges in your selected field

  • Cultural events and excursions such as historical tours, safari trips to national parks, learning how to cook local cuisine, etc.

  • Homestay experience in your Leadership Mentor’s home

  • Leadership sessions

  • Facilitated reflection sessions

  • Seminars with global leaders, such as the former President of Zanzibar

  • Community service activities alongside local Tanzanian leaders

  • Creation of a Post-Followship implementation plan

Discipline Desriptions

The Leadership Followship is offered in three disciplines, Business, Civil Society, and Government. Each discipline will offer perspectives, lessons, and networking opportunities respective to its sector. Although each applicant will select one discipline, the Followship is designed to demonstrate the intersectionality between all three disciplines, and American Leaders will be exposed to all disciplines throughout the Followship. Each Followship will be unique to the American Leader and Leadership Mentor pair while still aligning with Exchanging America core components and learning activities.


American Leaders can expect to gain insight in a global approach to their discipline at large and to explore issues pertinent to their study or professional interests. The Followship provides a holistic approach to major global challenges, and American Leaders are expected to contextualize experiences to their environments and situations in America. American applicants can also select a discipline that they may not currently have an expertise in. The Followship can be utilized to gain competence in a field in which applicants may be seeking specialty.

Eligibility Criteria

Exchanging America’s selection committee will not discriminate against applicants on the basis of color, gender, sex, race, religion, national origin, socioeconomic status, or disability. Applicants that meet the following eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply:

  • Citizen of the United States. 

  • Between the age of 20-30 years at the time of application (although outstanding candidates outside of this demographic may be considered).

  • Are eligible to receive a Tanzanian tourist visa.

Exchanging America’s selection committee may contact applicants for an interview to clarify application content or request additional information.


Selection Criteria

Exchanging America’s selection committee will evaluate applications with the following criteria in mind:

  • An established history of leadership in business, civil society, or government.

  • An ability to adapt to diverse situations.

  • A demonstrated interest in exchanging ideas and experiences with individuals from a different culture.

  • A commitment to applying lessons learned abroad to an American context.

  • An alignment of experience and/or interest in the selected discipline topic.

Financial Components

The 2018 Exchanging America Leadership Followship fee is supported by each American participant, however, there is no application fee. The all-inclusive fee allows American participants to have a safe, impactful, and expertly-planned trip. Exchanging America staff will secure all travel and in-country logistics on behalf of American participants - all you have to do is show up! The 2018 Followship fee, $4,000, allows American travelers to experience a unique and unconventional professional, cultural, and global experience.


The all-encompassing Followship fee covers:

  • A two-week Leadership Followship

  • Roundtrip airfare to and from Tanzania

  • Local travel within Tanzania and to Zanzibar

  • Lodging and meals during the program

  • International medical insurance

  • International travel insurance

  • Incidental spending stipend

  • Curricular materials

  • Cultural activities, including a trips to Mikumi National Park for safari and Zanzibar, local music concerts, etc.

  • Exchanging America administrative costs

  • In-country 24/7 support from local staff


The Followship fee does not cover:

  • Required or suggested travel medications or vaccinations

  • Passport or Tanzanian visa fees

  • Optional cultural activities

  • Cellular data plans while in-country